Must Have Swimming Kit for Kids & Adults

Must Have Swimming Kit for Kids & Adults

Here is our take on what’s an ideal swimming kit for kids and adults

Importance of Swimming Kit for Swimmers

One of the sports and exercises in which you can greatly benefit from having the right swimming kit is swimming. It’s not just about lifting weights; building a solid foundation of products and accessories can improve your swimming and save you money in the long run (because you won’t have to buy new “crappy” items). We thought it would be helpful to show you how to get the most out of your training by using the right swimming kit.

You want as little additional material as possible to create friction with the water for maximum speed and efficiency when cutting through the water horizontally. Everything in your swimming kit including swimming frocks, cap (or absence of) and goggles can assume an enormous part in making things simpler, or a whole lot harder to swim… so for that reason, you want the right swimming gear.

Get a goggle with a snug fit, streamlined straps that don’t move around, and a silicone gasket that is slightly thicker for comfort for casual pool training. Get a smoke lens for an outdoor pool and a light or un colored lens for an indoor one, depending on the location. 

We would definitely recommend to add swimming cap to their swimming kit to anyone who swims regularly not only for its sleek appearance but also to protect the hair from excessive chlorine damage, which does occur. Any basic silicone swim cap will fit most people.

If you want to wear goggles for racing, go with silicone goggles that are lower and a little sleeker. Your eye socket gets used to wearing goggles more as you train more often. You don’t need a goggle that is so soft; instead, use something with a low profile that minimizes water friction as much as possible.

Swimming kits for kids and adults

When performed with the bare minimum of equipment, swimming appears to be a cheap sport. There are three things needed to be included in every swimming kit: Cap, goggles, and a suit


Goggles for swimming

Even though they are not required, I cannot recommend them enough to the old-school purists who will argue that they do not require any goggles at all.

In the pool, you should always wear goggles for two very important reasons.

To begin, you need to have a wide field of vision in order to accurately gauge the distance between you and the wall and safely manoeuvre around other swimmers. The human eye has difficulty seeing underwater. First and foremost, safety.

Swimming Cap

I can now hear some of your thoughts: What’s the point of me wearing that? And in particular now that I’ve realized that it doesn’t exactly keep my hair dry?

There are a few different reasons why swim caps are worn: One is to keep your hair out of your face when swimming. The second is to protect it in some way from the corrosive effects of the chemicals in swimming pools, which should be used in conjunction with a swimmer’s shampoo. True tale: While I was swimming at a nearby pool, half of my body hair fell out. cancelled membership.) Additionally, there are advantages in hydrodynamics (albeit minor but useful in the future).

Training gear

The guys are going to get a little weird at this point. Many of our guys in India find wearing swim shorts or speedos a little odd.

It’s silly to swim in board shorts: While walking around the pool deck might make you feel more at ease, swimming will be like wearing a weight belt around your hips. For men, there are square-shaped training suits that are not quite as “Speedo” as swim briefs.

In the end, it comes down to comfort.

Pre & Post Swim Skin Care Swimming Kit

Swimming is a healthy habit but it also gives problems to your skin. Most swimming pools managements in India use chlorine to clean water. Excessive use of chlorine results in damage to the skin that swims. So it is better to take precautions or if you are already dealing the damaged skin due to swimming then your swimming kit should always have a Pre Swim Lotion & a Post Swim Cleanser .

A quality pre swim lotion can prevent damage from sun tan and work as a chlorine barrier. That’s why every swimming kit should include a pre swim body lotion and every swimmer should maintain a skin and hair care routine.

A post swim product is mostly used to remove the chlorine deposit from your skin and hair. These will also help your skin restore moisture .

Swimming kit Price in India

There are a lot of companies which produce and distribute swimming kits in India. But some of the brands are famous among people. According to Amazon and Flipkart these are the swimming kit prices:

Swimming goggles start from 500rs and go till 3000rs in India. You can select the goggles according to your preference.

Swimming caps start from approximately 300rs and go till 1500rs in India. You can choose the cap according to your budget and preference you have so that you can control your hair from damage due to chlorine.

Training Gear for swimming starts from approximately 1500rs to 5000rs in India. It would be better to ask or take the advice of your trainer to guide you in the selection of training gear for swimming.

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